Lightning in a Bottle

Xg knows that the sale of marijuana is not only a business, but a culture and movement with in Colorado and the United States! Colorado is the leader in the movement toward legalization with in the U.S. The way we wish represent this culture is through things that  have always made this culture so peaceful; through the music and arts that make up the people of this culture. The celebrations of our unity are all over the country! So we wish to guide our friends to the parts of life that create a better well being. Classes of meditation and music that frees your creativity we believe creates harmony that helps people have a more positive experience of life. A festival becoming more commonly know, named Lightning in a Bottle gives an experience that feels like a spiritual retreat combined with festive entertainment through its inspirations from Music and art. You ask, but what is it exactly?

Lightning in a Bottle is a celebration of Art, Sustainability, Music, Performance, and Life Itself.

LIB strives to be a greater expression each year. We take pride in curating local up and coming music talent and international world renowned artists. We paved the way for live painting at our events with Lightning in a Paintcan, which is headed up by our very own non-profit The Do Art Foundation, who’s efforts fund initiatives that are far reaching in the art world. We host speakers and workshops on topics of sustainability, spirituality and child-friendly entertainment. Behind everything we do at LIB is a deep commitment to our environment and our sustainability practices which we continually strive to improve every year. LIB was the winner of the Outstanding Greener Festival Award, 3-years in a row!

Xg encourages you to check out the page and learn more about this amazing celebration!

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